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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Yes, Cobroking is Free to use by all global real estate partners.

Any real estate partner who wishes other partners to market their listings can put their listings for Free in Cobroking.

Real Estate partners who wish other partners to market their real estate listings or real estate partners who wish to provide more available listings to their clients can join our platform for Free.

Listings and clients partners who wish to maximise the benefits of their clients can use Cobroking Platform. Listings partners can multiply their marketing efforts with the help of other client partners. And client partners who wish to provide more suitable listings can look for listing partners in Cobroking.

The main purpose of Cobroking platform is to connect the real estate partners who have the same objectives. The objective could be friendship, business network or to be marketing partners.

The role of licensed real estate partners is very important to ensure the real estate transaction safety. Therefore, all the real estate transaction shall be taken by the licensed real estate partners or lawyers. However, just like any other advertising platform, real estate partners may needs some sort of methods to increase their listings exposure. By allowing other partners to market for them, it helps to increase the listings exposure.

Rules and Regulations

For licensed real estate agents, please follow your local country rules and regulation when you allow other real estate partners to do the marketing activity for you.

We do not allow our users to use the copy rights of others and if we found any, we will first informed the users to take down the copy rights pictures, if the users do not wish to take down, we will terminate the user membership in Cobroking. Cobroking does not hold any responsibility of the users if he is being sued by the copy rights owners.

Cobroking Practice

1) Listings agents can list their real estate listings in Cobroking.
2) Client agents can contact the listings agents and ask for the listings availability.
3) Due to local laws and regulation and different culture of different countries.
The listings and clients agents shall understand the term and protect their own interest.
4) Client agents can propose the listings to their clients after signing any necessary agreement with the listings agents if any.
5) Client agent shall make the appointment with listings agent if client wish to view the units or make any booking.
6) Listings agents shall honour the agreement made between the agents.

Cobroking platform is a platform for the global real estate partners to connect. We encourage all the users to practice the local method of Cobroking or similar terms that being used in the country. This practice could be in agency to agency agreement or any similar practice.

Cobroking Paid Features

To sustain our operation, we would charge a small amount of fee for certain features such as Cobroking Website in later phase. Our members can still use the platform for Free and it would not affect the user experience of our members.

Cobroking Merchants Centre

We are still in testing phase for the Cobroking Merchant. It will be started from the several states of Malaysia and it will expand to other countries gradually.

The main purpose of setting up Cobroking Merchants Centre is to serve our real estate members so that they can provide more value added services to their clients.

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