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A Quick History About Cobroking Co-broking is a situation where two or more property agents work on behalf of their customers to complete a property transaction. After the property is transaction, the commission gained from the sales and purchase of the property, will then be split between the agents in agreed percentage.

According to the National Association of Realtors in the United States, this practice has existed since the late 1800s. Real estate brokers would regularly gather together to share information of the properties that they were trying to sell. They would co-broke together to help sell each other’s stock of properties.

By listing the properties that they’re - real estate brokers representing their clients (sellers) - trying to sell to a common database, other real estate brokers representing their clients (buyers) can quickly see and get information of the list of properties available for sale.

Alternative Way in Marketing

Save tonnes of Cost in
Your Marketing Fee.

Fast and Efficient

Your clients will both get a better deal
via collaboration between members

Why Cobroking can be the next revolution marketing
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Simplify the Cobroking Process

Help the property agents to locate and sell properties faster and easier

To Reduce Advance Marketing Cost

To reduce costs associated with traditional advertisements, property searches


To increase the property agents’ efficiency through collaborative communications and private networks.

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