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With more startup being created to replace sales profession, Cobroking however, aims to add values of human interaction within the sales industry.

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What Exactly is Cobroking?

Cobroking is a platform which gives opportunities to sales agents and brokers across different countries and industries to collaborate.

Why Cobroking?

Unlike the previous edition, Cobroking now welcomes participation of sales players from different industries across, rather than solely focusing on real estate businesses.

Who joins Cobroking?

So long you are willing to share commissions or referral fees with other sales agents who brought you clients, then Cobroking shall be the ideal place for you.

Cobroking Concept

We are promoting a concept of sales collaboration. It may have been impossible to make sales of all sorts of cars, properties, insurance and many others within a single platform in the past, but Cobroking will open a new possibility for you today.

Similar Business Concepts

Cobroking may be too much of a foreign concept to you, but here are some similar co-businesses models that you can refer to:


An arrangement in which several employees from different companies share an office space, saving costs and boosting convenience through the use of common infrastructure


A modern housing option that gives residents an opportunity not only to share their living space with one another, but also to exchange values, achieving a collaboration of ideas.

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What People Say About Us

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“It has been an amazing experience, I used to struggle with my car sales business to sell 3 cars a month hardly. But as a friend of mine referred to try Cobroking, and I did. Since then every month I sell 16 to 18 cars via the Cobroking Platform. I really super appreciate the help! Thanks”

Mr. Andrew
Auto Sales Industry

“Thank you so much, you guys are Kings to many. I was finding it hard to get hired in this difficult time, so went through Cobroking and started to refer clients and deals clicked. Now I am making an income. Also, having more business friends and got a job offer too. Glad to know your platform.”

Mr. Jason Tan

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